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Check out this awesomeness from Jeremy!!!

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Draw 'Em With the Pointy End - Kickstarter LIVE! by fictograph 
Draw 'Em with the Pointy End</a> is a collaborative art book project in celebration of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire! 

Help us get the book funded through Kickstarter</a> and get your hands on not just the book (which is going to be absolutely GORGEOUS btw) But stickers, pendant necklaces, custom commissions, a wallpaper, a poster, a tote bag, a t-shirt and more depending on which tier you choose!

Just in time for the hype of HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 5, the project, which was lovingly organized and directed by fictograph, features work from over 100 artists from across the world. The variety of art styles, perspectives and characters they've brought together have helped to make this an incredibly unique project. Don't believe me? Here's a peek at just a handful of the pieces you'll find in the book!

Oathkeeper by aqueous-transmission by :iconaqueous-transmission: the anchor, the sea by mayakern by :iconmayakern:
Ygritte by jeffreylai by :iconjeffreylai: My Sun and Stars (I Miss You) by cypritree by :iconcypritree:
:thumb520699210: by :iconalexandravo: King In The North by allytha by :iconallytha:
:thumb520716978: by :iconkassarie: GoT artbook Draw Em With the Pointy End by Dahia by :icondahia:
Joffrey by Alicechan by :iconalicechan: the Red Priestess by kiikii-sempai by :iconkiikii-sempai:
Bog Children by nilaffle by :iconnilaffle: Valar Dohaeris by Maseiya by :iconmaseiya:
GoT Artbook - Little Bird by Achen089 by :iconachen089: Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon by AbelPhee by :iconabelphee:
The Sun by herringbonnes and The Moon by herringbonnes by :iconherringbonnes:
for the night is dark and full of terrors by retromortis by :iconretromortis: Queen Takes King by sketchtastrophe by :iconsketchtastrophe:
:thumb520884740: And finally a preview of the finished piece from :iconjustjingles:

And if that didn't convince you here are a few other artists with pieces in the book!
:iconkoloromuj: :iconvincelee: :iconneomonki: :icontobiee: :iconkathrynlayno: :iconbleuphoria: and of course :iconfictograph: who's worked her butt off to put this thing of beauty together! So please pay her some love!! <3

You can follow the project though these sites as well! 

We'd absolutely love it if you could support this project, we've grown a little worried that we aren't quite where we expected to be at this point and that we're trending towards an unsuccessful campaign. So much love and work have gone into this project, we'd be devastated if is wasn't a success! Please, please consider funding it if you can (you can score a digital copy of the book for just $5!) and if you can't perhaps you can help us spread the word! Thank you so much!!
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Hey Everyone!
The pilot episode of Niko and the Sword of light is on Amazon!
Here is a link!
Watch it/rate it/give feedback!
Yeah Titmouse!

A small clip :)

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CTN was last week so I went and made a little demo reel.

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Welp, I have to go back to New Zealand! which is kinda sad!
I've really enjoyed my time in LA, learnt a ton at CDA
and met some really awesome people!

The good news is, I'll be back at the end of
September taking some more classes at CDA!
I didn't get to meet all the people I would have liked  
but next time my workload should be lighter.

Just can't keep me out of your country!
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So the trailer for the Korra game was released recently,
the animation was done over at Titmouse!
So many talented people worked on the animation cut scenes.

The tralier was done by Sung Jin Ahn, Jeremy Polgar and me!
(I worked on the FX animation) I'm quite in awe to be in such company.

Gosh, I remember watching the original series in NZ and wondering if I could ever animate or somehow be involved in animation.
A surreal moment!

(Don't let other people tell you that you can't do something, you just have to work at it..)

I hope you all take a moment to give it a watch! Yay!

Also I'm having a lovely time in LA! The food is really good..

Oh! I'll also be at AnimeExpo! Hurray!
Our group Gif-club is selling a sketchbook in Artist Alley

Artist Alley: B29/30

Artist: Brianne Drouhard, Tanner Johnson, Christie Tseng, Will Feng, Michael Chang, Fill Marc Sagadraca, Eugene Lee, Jeff Lai, Grant Alexander and William Niu.

Price: $20

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Hi everybody!

Hm I'm actually in the US at the moment, taking a storyboard class at CDA!
LA is so sunny~
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Hi! How are things with you all?
Sorry I haven't been around lately,
I've been rather busy with things X_X

Here's something in the meantime.
I helped out with this for Titmouse's 5 second day!
Big ups to the rest of my group, they did a wonderful job!
:iconwillfeng: Sung Jin and Sherwin. Yay!

Keep bein awesome~

Bishojou Senshi Dark Knight made it onto io9 XD…

Hmm I keep getting these few questions. So... FAQ time

Where do you work? Where did you learn?
Um I don't work anywhere! (I assume most people are talking about within the animation industry..)
but I would like to do something animation/storyboarding related. Gotta get better!
I kinda taught myself to animate. The internet is an amazing thing!

I get asked what my process is. That's kind of a broad question..
As in how I plan out a sequence? or go about animating it? So I'll just answer both.
Planning.. What I'd do is think about it in my head for a while and do some really rough storyboards
just to get an idea of the shots I want and It can change when I'm animating, I'd add bits or change stuff round. As for animating, I mostly stick with straight ahead animation and use a mix of 1's 2's and 3's.
Timing I don't really plan that out, I might have a rough idea but I just go with the flow~

I think alot of this in my head I realize.

Thanks to everyone that's been dropping by and leaving such nice comments!
It's all very kind of you :)
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Well I guess the news is that our Kickstarter didn't get the full funding it needed!
But all is not lost! I think we're cool with it and Sanford has some cool things down the line. It was really wonderful to see the support we did receive and thanks to those that did share it around and even pledge!

I think in the process I got abit better and I was trying different things with those little pencil shorts I did.

I'll keep on trying and I'll find a way to do this animation/storyboarding bizniz somehow!
Everybody be awesome!
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Our Kickstarter has 6 Days left to reach our goal D: D:
We would really appreciate any pledges or support!
And thanks to those people who have already!…
(if you don't know what I'm talking about, animation pencil tests in my gallery!)

1000 FB fanpage:
From the Secret Sauce peeps!
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Hey everybody! Just thought I'd let you know I'm doing a Kickstarter!
along with :icongreenestreet::iconthatld: on his project
1000: The Animated Micro-series! -->… <--
I'd be lending a hand with the animation side of things, drop by and take a look!

(I posted a pencil test in my gallery for Dragon Son, if you want to take a nosey)
Here's the pitch video!

I really appreciate all the support I've been getting about my work from everybody!
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My goodness, I thought I had my message inbox under control..
Thanks everybody for the kind words, watches and favs.

I get asked questions about animation but seeing as alota them are kinda similar
I thought I'd just put it in my journal as a FAQ

What software do you use to animate with?
I use Toonboom animate. Though I'm still trying to figure out how to use it properly..
So far all i use is the timeline and draw stuff in!
It looks like it has some neat functions. I wanna learn how to use Flash too.

Are you going to school for animation? or self taught?
Just learnin by myself. Well the internet is my teacher!
The stuff in my gallery is mostly me trying and experimenting.
I'd like to go to an animation school to see what it's like however.
(and work in the animation industry!)
Might have to travel outside of New Zealand for that.
Y'all so far away!

How long does it take you to animate something?
I dunno, there's many varying factors.  
How many people in a scene, effects, and how complex the movement or camera angles are.
That recent Korra one I did took about 3 and abit days?
I didn't do any cleanup, so it might have taken abit longer if I had done it

Do you have any advice/tips for beginners?
Oh man, I always feel abit weird giving advice to people.
I'm still kinda n00b. There's a ton of awesome artists out there!
I suppose if I had any advice,
#1 Work on your fundamentals of painting/drawing first.
it makes it much easier down the line and you can focus on actually animating and
making something move!
#2 Work hard!
Need alota pencil mileage.

If you had a more specific question or any other questions, you can ask away
and I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability!
Or you can shout random things at me on here or twitter.

Yay gifclub!

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Hey DA!

My friend Will :iconwillfeng: joined DA haha
The gif-club circle is complete!
So you can visit us on tumblr too:
Time to take over the world!

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Hi DA!

Just updating to let you know I have an instagram account (jefflai)
I'll post sketches that I don't really post here and
maybe other stuff I find interesting.

I also joined Pixiv! Man, there be some amazin arts over there.
I'll eventually put pics up there.

Instagram | Pixiv

I really like twitter too
So hit me up all over the place if you have accounts!
Time to conquer the internets!

I just wanted to say thanks for all the favs/watches/comments
everyone has been giving me!
I'm guessing alotta you followed over from :iconcheeks-74:
Such an awesome person to work with!
If you went to CTN and dropped by Sean's booth you might
have seen a glimpse of what i've been doing!

I find it really encouraging and it makes me want to get better!
I'm amazed at the response to my stuff, mainly because I haven't
been animating that long and I still feel like i'm experimenting
and trying things out.

Animation is tonnes of fun but alot of work goes into it! ahhh!
It makes me appreciate it even more.

I've also been getting a lot of notes about animation/animating lately.
I suppose if you had any questions, I don't mind trying to answer them.
I'll do my best to help!  I'm self taught.. so i'm not sure if i'm entirely doing
it right *nervous laughter*

Ohh yea! There's also a group of us animation peeps that started a tumblr account!
They've become rather good friends of mine. So go visit Gif-club!
Here's some of us on DA
:icontannerama::iconlychi::iconfillmarc::iconpotatofarmgirl: (Will, you need a DA!)
A few others, but i'm not sure they have DA accounts!

I want to get good at storyboarding too! I'll probably purchase some dvd lessons.
I've done a little bit but so far i've mostly been relying on my gut.
I think it would help me greatly in my animation pursuits!

Just a little update!
Hope everyone is well!
I'm not sure if anyone else noticed..
but I'm pretty much obsessed with animation haha!
If you know me, it's pretty much all I talk about now XD
It's quite a different change from nearly one year ago.
Sure I like fantasy art and all but I found that I didn't have
very much fun/as much of a passion doing it.
(though I won't limit the possibility of never doing it again,
And it did give me a good foundation for art in general.)

I guess it never occurred to me that I could learn to animate!
I remember wanting to learn ever since I saw my first anime
(Evangelion lolol) Those mecha fights blew my mind!

Watching stuff like Korra, Motorcity and ALL THE ANIME,
it makes me tear up, just seeing how awesomely animated it is.

Now i'm workin on my own filling up my brain with all
things related to animation and storyboarding.
I don't think I could be happier artwise!
Meeting awesome people at CTN last year, solidified this
position and gave me abit more confidence.
I've made an animation folder in my gallery so you can see a little of my progress.…
(it's really interesting looking back at those early attempts)

*oh I think i was in a recent imaginefx that featured my sketches..
I have no idea which issue it was in. The release dates, they be crazy.
Anyway. Yay \o/

Just a little ramble from me :)
DA you're awesome!

Links all over the place!
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Isn't Korra just amazing!
The animation, elemental effects, art direction
Love it all! (and TeamBolin everybody)

There's so much cool animation all over the place, my brain can't handle all the awesome /o\
Must get in on the actionnn (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
and not to mention MotorCity, Tron and all the cool anime Sakamichi no Apollon/Tsuritama/Eureka7 Ao/Hyouka

Well apart from that outburst,
I hope everyone is doing well.
Sorry I've been abit absent!
Just been abit busy with things!

Thanks very much for all the favs watches and all the support!
I really do like DA :)

Links all over the place!
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I made a Youtube channel..…
The layout's kinda crazy O_o

Internet I shall conquer you!

Everyone else see the amazingness of the Korra trailer
AND the release date! APRIL 14!

Now I just want to get into animation even more!

Links all over the place!
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So my face pretty much melted when I heard about this.
Johane Matte blogging about my animation O_o
-->… <--
So amazed and honoured!

Now I just want to get into animation or storyboarding even more!

Links all over the place!
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